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Dialing Instructions

Here is an extensive list of dialing instructions that will help you communicate with great ease while you enjoy your vacation stay at Comfort Suites – one of the top-rated Monroe luxury hotels.

. Local Calls 9+Local Number

. Local Information 9+1411

.Long Distance Information 8+1+ (AC) +1 (555)-1212

.Long Distance Calls (Charge to Room) 8+1+ (AC) + Number

. Operator-Assisted (Credit Card or Collect) 8+0+ (AC) + Number

.International Calls 9+011+ Country Code + City Code + Number

.Toll Free Numbers 9 + 1 + (800/888/877/866) + Number

.Room-to-Room Calls Guest Room number only is required

Our long distance carrier is Xfinity. Complaints for Xfinity may be directed to : +1 (318)-396-5400 Local, long distance, or international calls will be billed to your account only if the called party answers.

Direct Complaints to

.Federal Communications Commission

.Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau

.Consumer Inquiries & Complaints Division

445 12th Street, SW, Washington, DC 20554
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1401 Martin Luther King Jr.Dr.,
Monroe, LA 71202, United States.

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